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Node.js Website Development In Google Cloud

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Before I answer the above question, please let me introduce myself.

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I am Pankaj Verma, MBA, Marketing from AIMA (All India Management Association). I started my career as a SEO Freelancer 21 years back and that time internet, search engine, website domain, email were only understood by a few technical persons as all these things were evolving in the period.

Internet was very slow, we used the dial up connection, Which made hissing noise and at that point of time it was like a magic to see the information on the web.

Even though net was slow but in that slow paced era, this new technology, I mean the internet brought the world closer. No matter, even if the internet was slow.

The the websites were html websites and in those days it was very easy to rank the website in Google search results. Reason, very less people around the world knew about this emerging technology. So every thing was slow but easy.

As the time passed and people reaslized the importance of internet for the growth of business and personal growth and development. Years passed and this technology now reached not only in the metro cities but also the villages.

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As the competition grew it became very difficult to rank the websites in Google search which is the most liked search engine around the world.

Various factors are involved for the ranking of your site in search engine. One of the most important factor is speed of your website.

If your website takes a long time to load then the purpose of your website is lost and your clients or the visitor of your website will not wait for few seconds for your website to load and will move to your competitors website.

Slow website not only means loss of your business but also means no rankings in Google search results.

Even if your website is having a good SEO but it will not be ranked in Google search as according to the latest Google algorithm, Speed is a very important ranking factor in Google.

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You can test the speed of your website at:

(Search google with the following terms and then you will see the respective websites)

  • GTMatrix
  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Tools.Pingdom

Enter your website domain name on these websites. And check the speed report.

You will see various recommendations to improve the website speed.

Not only these recommendations to improve the website speed are tedious but involves a lot of time and energy to speed up your website.

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The main reason for a slow website is the use of a lot of plugins. It is very difficult to avoid the plugins in wordpress sites as they make the life very easy. But on the other hand they are the one of the main cause for the slow speed of the website.

Other things which countribute the slow speed are the images, videos, fonts, .css files etc if they are downloaded from some other server. The list goes on and it endless.

Diffrent sites have diffrent issues for this speed problem.

So, Node.js website developemnt is a spark which will make your life easy.

Not only your site will be fast but have the ability of auto SEO Ranking in Google search results.

So what makes Node.js Website development very important. Node.js works on a single thread. For example, if the server receive a request then it will send the results on a single thread and their will be no stop of any resources which enable fast download of the website.

On the other hand if the request is made to your wordpress website. The files will be downloaded via diffrent soures and plugins, which makes the loading very slow.

And to optimize this is sometimes impossible due to website structure or payment of funds to a tech person to resolve these errors.

Node.js website developemt in Google Cloud hosting is a fast and easy way to rank your website in Google search and speed up your website.

The future belongs to Google and if you have Google Node.js hosting you can manage your website very efficiently. Our Node.js Website developers will provide you the best solutions so that you can have the best machine in Google Cloud Hosting as the server for your Node.js at minimum cost and get the maximum speed for your website.

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How to develop a Node.js website in Google Cloud?

This current website is developed in Node.js in Google Cloud.

You can check our website pagespeed at GTMatrix and see how fast this website is on desktop and mobile devices.

nodejs website development in india

Nodejs Website Development In India

In Node.js website development every thing is automated that you just need to have concentrate only on the content of your website and not to worry about your website speed anymore.

So, now is the time to give all your website speed worries to us and let us bring your website in Node.js.

We can also copy your current wordpress website and convert it into Node.js website.

So what are you waiting for, Give our Node.js Website Professionals from India a chance to serve your esteemed organization.

We have a YoutTube Channel "Ganpati Zone" where we post videos on regular basis regarding SEO and Website PageSpeed optimization. The videos are in hindi and english language. Make sure you Subscribe to our YouTube channel for future videos updates.

You will also find videos related to Google Cloud hosting. In case you can't find any topic related to your requirement. Please feel free to fill the contact form with your requirement and our team will get intouch with you with the solution updates.

You can contact us at +91 9811731099 or +91 8383026475 or email us at or the easy way to contact us is via this website contact link.

We will help you to grow your business.

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What you can expect

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Latest Node.js technology to optimize your website pagespeed & SEO as per Google policies, where minute details are taken care for website loading speed which automatically helps in search engine optimization.

Video consult option available with Node.js developer. You are invited to visit our office only with prior appointment. (Currently no appointments due to Covid-19)

Contact us for web page speed testing and get accurate instant reports.

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